The Omega Process

It’s not easy to create the finest and most reliable hunting ammunition in the world.

It’s a time-consuming process.

It’s as much art as it is science and experience.


First you need to spend millions of dollars to create a state of the art lab. You have to fill that lab with the most cutting edge ballistics technology available. Then you need people to work the lab. So you head hunt the best and most passionate ammunition loaders and munitions experts in the country.

Then you give them only the highest-grade materials and components so they can craft the best quality ammunition that’s humanly possible.

Then, and only then, can the build process begin.

Before each round is even put together, each individual part is benchmarked for velocity and muzzle pressure. Anything that doesn’t meet our specifications (which are the highest in the industry) is either melted down or scrapped.


Then we take only the parts that made it,

and put them through our stringent build process.


First we take the casing, and check every square thousandth of an inch of its surface for imperfections, using a specialized ballistics laser.

And we use that same laser to recheck it once the primer is inserted.

Then we add the gunpowder. And we use another laser to check the quantity and quality of that powder, down to each individual grain.

Then we benchmark the projectile itself. We measure its weight, and then the surface is laser checked to ensure it’s perfectly shaped and without blemish.

The projectile is then seated by hand, by one of our experts.


Only then is each bullet complete.


But it doesn’t end there, because the completed round still needs to pass the final tests before we’re happy to let it leave our facility.

So the whole thing is again weighed and laser checked.

If it passes that check, it’s then x-rayed from 360 degrees so we can make sure it’s completely perfect inside and out.


Only then, after a total of 27 checks and stress tests,

are we happy to allow our ammunition to go to our customers.


And that’s what happens with every single round, and why we’re the only brand in the industry who can offer a 100% no risk guarantee.