Self Defense Ammunition

Less misfires. Greater accuracy. The perfect shot, every time.

How Omega Self Defense Ammo Is Different

Less misfires. Greater accuracy. The perfect shot, every time.

Let’s be honest, when you use your firearm for self-defense, it’s your last resort. You never want to be in a situation so bad you’d have to pull that trigger.

But it happens. The world is a scary place.

So when you DO pull the trigger, you want your weapon to perform. It’s a terrifying and dangerous situation to begin with, but can you imagine how much worse it would be if all you heard when you pulled the trigger was the dry click of a misfire?

The bottom line is that unless you know for 100% certain that your gun will fire, then you are still at risk of not being able to protect yourself at all.

But that’s okay. Because whichever way you measure it, Omega Ammo is more reliable than what you’re using right now.

Why? Because we work harder. We’re more diligent. We put every single round through a thorough and complete testing process.

And that testing process is the strictest on the entire planet.

Which means only the very best rounds actually make it to you, the user.

You see, the last thing we want is to surprise you. You don’t want to pull the trigger in a life-threatening situation and be surprised by a round that doesn’t fire, or doesn’t go where you point it, or doesn’t have the power to drop your target.

That’s the last thing you want whenever you fire a gun, isn’t it?

So that’s what we aim for. No surprises.

Our Meltdown Guarantee

Listen. Omega Ammunition is different. We’re not like other brands. We test everything we produce so thoroughly that we have endless confidence in it. The ammunition you’re buying from other companies simply wouldn’t pass our quality control. We use cutting edge scientific techniques to inspect everything at LEAST 27 times. And if it doesn’t pass with flying colors, we melt it down and start over.

In fact, we’re so confident, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you choose our ammo and you suffer from a misfire – just one – let us know and we’ll replace the entire box, free of charge AND refund your cash.

How can we make a promise like that? Simple. We don’t let anything leave our facility unless we KNOW it’s going to perform. In 5 years we’ve had ZERO rounds returned for misfires. Zero.

The Omega Process


It’s not easy to create the finest and most reliable 

competition ammunition in the world.


It’s a time-consuming process.


It’s as much art as it is science and experience.