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Alpha One Precision 223 Rem Subsonic 77gr TMK 20 Box


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The Ultimate Subsonic Hunting Round?

  • Resin tip for precise aerodynamic profile – astonishing accuracy
  • Sierra projectile for record-setting consistency
  • Each round checked 27 times before it reaches you



The Ultimate Subsonic Hunting Round?

Let’s face it – sometimes subsonic is the only way to go. If you want a personal protection round, or if you’re in law enforcement, our subsonic range has everything you could ever possibly want.

Because power is great ….

And that’s where our Subsonic ammunition comes in.

This slightly heavier bullet really may be the ultimate competition round for your .223.


Because we’re using literally the best projectile we could find in the entire world. Like everything else we produce, these rounds are more reliable than probably everything else you’ve ever used.  Less misfires. Greater accuracy. The perfect shot, every timeAnd let’s be honest – if you’re expecting your ammunition to defend your life or the lives of others, you need to know it will perform when you pull the trigger. 
                                                                        We pride ourselves in being there when you need us.
Our rounds are ALWAYS up to the task. In fact we guarantee it, and you’ll see more about that in just a second.
Why are we so confident? 
Because we work harder. We’re more diligent. We put every single round through a thorough and complete testing process. And that testing process is the strictest on the entire planet.  Which means only the very best rounds actually make it to you, the user


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