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Alpha One Precision 243 Win 95gr HPBT


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The Most Reliable Deer Round You’ve Ever Seen

Deer hunting like you’ve never experienced.

  • Modern engineering meets a classic design, giving the finest hunting round available
  • World’s best projectile, a Sierra Gameking
  • High End Match Grade custom milled brass casing



The Most Reliable Deer Round You’ve Ever Seen

First introduced in 1955, there’s a good chance that if you’ve ever hunted deer, you’ve used a .243. This has been THE deer round for decades, and slows no signs of slowing down.

Here at Omega we wondered what would happen if we applied some modern engineering techniques and our own meticulous attention to detail to this undisputed classic.

The result?

The best .243 round in the world.

We use a Match Grade brass casings that are put through at least 25 different tests before they’re approved for use. We use state of the art laser testing tools to ensure accuracy and reliability with every shot. If a single case fails even one of those tests, the entire batch is rejected and we start over.

We want you to KNOW that you’re going to get a reliable and accurate shot every time you pull the trigger. If you’ve done your job when you take a shot, we guarantee we will have done ours.

For the projectile we’re once again using the best in the world. A Sierra MatchKing. If you know accurate shooting, you know Sierra. A highly aerodynamic round with faultless flight characteristics, these Sierra rounds have been world record breakers for decades, and show no signs of slowing down.

And we continued that trend by using what we believe to be the best powder in the world for this particular round – Hodgdon Hybrid 100V. This special mix of spherical powder along with an extruded propellant creates and extremely high energy powder that’s incredibly accurate and reliable.

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