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45 Auto Subsonic 230gr HP 50 Box


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Maximum Subsonic Power In Handgun Self Defense

What do you get when you mix a classic round with state of the art modern ammunition techniques? You get the Omega .45 subsonic.

  • A modern (and more reliable) spin on a classic recipe
  • High grade brass casing for less wear on your gun
  • Smoother, more aerodynamic bullet for more accuracy and consistency than other 45 rounds




Maximum Subsonic Power In Handgun Self Defense

Let’s face it – sometimes subsonic is the only way to go. If you want a personal protection round, or if you’re in law enforcement, our subsonic range has everything you could ever possibly want.

Because power is great ….

And that’s where our Subsonic ammunition comes in.

Long a favorite of law enforcement and those who want the ultimate stopping power for self-defense, the .45 Subsonic Hollow Point has been around for over a hundred years with minimal changes.

The reason?

It works.

So we took that classic recipe and updated it to bring you what we think (and our rigorous testing backs us up) is the best and most reliable subsonic .45 subsonic round on the planet.

Our casings are custom-milled and created from only the highest-grade brass. These are engineered to our exacting specifications and each batch is put through the most stringent testing in the industry. We test for accuracy and reliability, and if a round fails, the entire batch is rejected and we start over.

We simply do not approve anything that won’t deliver every time you pull the trigger.

And it’s not only the casings that are held to such high standards.

We use Hodgdon powder, which gives increased accuracy and reliability to each round because of its precise burn characteristics. Hodgdon is the cleanest and most even burning powder available, and that gives it astounding accuracy and reliability.

Even better, that clean burn results in less gunk in your gun. And that means less cleaning for you, and less wear and tear in general. Giving you a gun that performs better and does what you need it to do more reliably.

And we’ve paid the same attention to detail to the actual bullets, too

The engineering process begins by extruding lead billet until it becomes wire. We then use a swage tool to turn the bullet into a core. The core is copper plated, and then restruck. The result of that is a bullet that’s more precise, and smoother. This gives you a better looking bullet, and one that’s more accurate and more consistent because of improved aerodynamics.

Accuracy and consistency are the two most important things when it comes to self defense, and this round will not let you down.

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