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40 S&W 180gr Subsonic HP Box 20


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A Subsonic Round With Legendary Reliability & Stopping Power 

A slightly heavier .40 round with a Subsonic Punch.

  • More stopping power
  • Extreme consistence
  •  Less stresses on the mechanisms of your gun





A Subsonic Round With Legendary Reliability & Stopping Power

Let’s face it – sometimes subsonic is the only way to go. If you want a personal protection round, or if you’re in law enforcement, our subsonic range has everything you could ever possibly want.
Because power is great ….
And that’s where our Subsonic ammunition comes in.

The .40 S & W round began development after a tragic FBI shootout in 1986. In the investigation that followed, the Bureau decided that the standard rounds and firearms the agents were using were not quite up to the required task of bringing a person down with as little fuss as possible.

Smith and Wesson worked with Winchester to develop a .40 caliber firearm and round that would be as everyday practical as the older .38 Special ammunition, but with the stopping power required to keep law enforcement agents safe.

The round made its debut in 1990, was immediately a popular success, and it can be found on the hip of law enforcement agencies all over the world.

This round features a slightly heavier bullet with all the stopping power you’d expect from a hollow point. But it’s also exceptionally safe as a home defense round, because it’s subsonic, so you don’t need to worry about the round traveling through your target and then endangering innocents inside your own home as it continues its journey.


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