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380 ACP 95gr Hybrid Hollow Point 20 Box


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Highly Engineered & Compact, Perfect For Personal Protection

All the stopping power you could ever need in a personal protection round, but in a compact case.

  • Gives your .380 the punch of a much bigger gun
  • Custom engineered, extreme reliability
  • Much less gunk in your gun than other brands



Pack A Punch With Your Concealed Carry Or Backup Gun

Originally designed in 1908 by John Browning, this round is also known as a 380 ACP (automatic Colt pistol), 9mm Browning and 9mm short. The round itself is the same width as a 9mm round, but is much shorter, hence sometimes being known as the 9mm Short.

As you may expect, our .380 round is one of the finest and most reliable on the market.

We use custom-milled casings that are created from only the highest-grade brass. These are engineered to our exacting specifications and each batch is put through the most stringent testing in the industry. We test for accuracy and reliability, and if a round fails, the entire batch is rejected and we start over.

We simply do not approve anything that won’t deliver every time you pull the trigger.

And it’s not only the casings that are held to such high standards.

We use Hodgdon powder, which gives increased accuracy and reliability to each round because of its precise burn characteristics. Hodgdon is the cleanest and most even burning powder available, and that gives it astounding accuracy and reliability.

Even better, that clean burn results in less gunk in your gun. And that means less cleaning for you, and less wear and tear in general. Giving you a gun that performs better and does what you need it to do more reliably.

And we’ve paid the same attention to detail to the actual bullets, too.

With each 380 projectile we’ve designed and engineered it so the lands are precisely in the right place.

What does that mean?

It means your little 380 handgun bullets will expand on contact to get exactly the stopping power you need when your life is at stake. So even your concealed carry or backup gun is going to get the job done every time.

We’re meticulous in our designs and engineering, and that results in the most reliable rounds on the planet.

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