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Alpha One Precision 300 AAC Blackout Subsonic 200gr SBT 20 Box


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The Best 300 Blackout Now Available In Subsonic

The blackout that you love, now subsonic.

  • World Beating Sierra Projectile
  • Match Grade brass casing for extreme reliability
  • Clean burning powder for less wear and tear on the gun




The Best 300 Blackout Now Available In Subsonic

Let’s face it – sometimes subsonic is the only way to go. If you want a personal protection round, or if you’re in law enforcement, our subsonic range has everything you could ever possibly want.

Because power is great ….

And that’s where our Subsonic ammunition comes in.

The 300 Blackout started out as a wildcat round in the early 90s and was eventually developed into a Spec Ops round by the military. Today it has turned into one of the most popular rounds in the world. This is an astonishingly versatile round and is capable of being produced in both supersonic and subsonic varieties.

This makes it a round of choice for everybody from hunters to home defense enthusiasts to law enforcement.

Our 300 Blackout is undoubtedly one of the best in the world.

Why? Because of our meticulous attention to detail and the fact that we’re using Sierra projectiles.

That’s a world-beating bullet – so we thought it best to couple it with a world beating case too.

We use out custom Match Grade brass casings and each one goes through our meticulous and rigorous testing process several times before it’s deemed fit for use. We use laser testing tools to ensure accuracy and reliability with every shot. If a single round fails even one of those tests, the entire batch is rejected and we start over.

Our rule is that we don’t approve anything that has even a tiny chance of failing when you pull the


And we’ve spared no expense with the powder too.

We use Hodgdon powder, which we believe is the best in the world because of its even and clean burn characteristics. This creates even more accuracy and reliability, outperforming what anybody could reasonably expect from such affordable ammo.

On top of that, the clean burn results in less gunk building up inside your gun. So you have to clean it less, and you’ll get less wear and tear in general. The end result of that is a gun that performs better and does what you ask it to every single time.

Of course, the beauty of the 300 Blackout is that it’s possible to shoot at either supersonic or subsonic velocities.

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