Hunting Ammunition

Less misfires. Greater accuracy. The perfect shot, every time.

How Omega Hunting Ammo Is Better

Less misfires. Greater accuracy. The perfect shot, every time.

If you think about it, you’ll know that the quality of your rounds is the biggest thing when it comes to how good your hunting experience is.

An accurate, powerful round is the difference between a perfect spine shot to drop your target where it stands, and it running for miles with a messy gut wound before it finally dies a slow and painful death.

If you’re a serious hunter, you want to pull the trigger and get a crisp clean kill with every shot. But that can’t happen unless your ammunition is up to the task.

And at Omega, our rounds are ALWAYS up to the task. In fact we guarantee it, and you’ll see more about that in just a second.

Why are we so confident?

Because we work harder. We’re more diligent. We put every single round through a thorough and complete testing process. And that testing process is the strictest on the entire planet.

Which means only the very best rounds actually make it to you, the user.

You see, the last thing we want is to surprise you. You don’t want to pull the trigger and be surprised by a round that doesn’t fire, or doesn’t go where you point it, or causes your target needless pain and suffering.

That’s the last thing any responsible hunter wants.

So that’s what we aim for. No surprises, and a bullet that goes where you want it, every time.


You just saw how precise and demanding we are when it comes to the products we create. Our standards are so high that we reject rounds that would be approved by other brands. Most of the ammunition sitting in boxes behind the counter of your local sporting goods store wouldn’t make the cut with us.

In fact, we melt down anything that doesn’t pass our testing, and start over with it.

And that’s why we can offer you this quite frankly ridiculous guarantee.

If you get a misfire or other problem with one of our bullets, let us know and we’ll replace the entire box free of charge AND refund the money you paid for it.

Are we crazy? No. We’re confident in that guarantee because in five years and millions of rounds, we’ve never had to replace a single one due to misfire. Because of all the testing we do before the rounds even reach you.

The Omega Process


It’s not easy to create the finest and most reliable 

competition ammunition in the world.


It’s a time-consuming process.


It’s as much art as it is science and experience.